Full Stack Solution With Autoware

  • Having broad experience deploying and supporting Proof-of-Concept integrations with major OEMs, we offer thorough and customized development services utilizing Autoware, the world’s first open-source autonomous driving software. Our commitment to driving innovation in the industry is reflected in our premium membership in The Autoware Foundation; an international consortium focused on establishing industry standards for autonomous driving operating systems. With our expertise in 3D mapping, self-localization, and perception, we are well-positioned to provide consultation support for the integration and operation of Autoware. We take pride in our dedication to promoting this cutting-edge technology’s research, development, and practical deployment.
  • Autoware” is an open-source autonomous vehicle framework based on the Robot Operating System (ROS). It includes all the functionalities required for autonomous driving, including vehicle localization, object detection, path planning and control. It was created to foster open innovation in autonomous driving technology, allowing more individuals and organizations to contribute.
  • “Autoware” is a registered trademark of The Autoware Foundation.