Real-time Perception Software ‘Atomic Engine’

About Atomic Engine

Perception technology combines high-precision sensor technology with advanced data processing algorithms to automatically detect and extract actionable real-time data from the surrounding physical environment.

Atomic Engine is a perception framework capable of accurately collecting, analyzing, and processing real-world information from sensors such as LiDAR, cameras, and radar. It provides high-precision perception models to identify and distinguish the positions of objects, recognize relationships between objects, and estimate object trajectory.

Bird-Eye-View of Multi-Sensor Fusion Object Detections using Atomic Engine

Applications of Perception Technology

Smart Cities and Autonomous Driving Technology

Example: Autonomous driving and pedestrian flow measurement in crowded public spaces such as parks or university campuses (target trajectories and volume analysis).

Maintenance and Surveillance

Example: Safety monitoring in factories and construction sites, V2X applications using cars, buses, trucks, and more.

From Sensor Data to Practical Information

MAP IV is dedicated to the continuous development of Atomic Engine with the assistance of our team of sensing and perception experts. Our cutting-edge algorithms are engineered to thrive in the real world.

Atomic Engine can extract information such as:

Detection ID, Classification, Velocity, Direction, Size, Position, Quantity,
Distinguishing between stationary and Moving target objects

Data Annotation

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and efficient annotation services. We strive to ensure that your data is labeled and classified with the utmost precision.

Key Features

Versatile for Fixed and Mobile Perception Platforms

Our system can monitor fixed locations, such as smart poles, and for environmental detection on moving platforms, such as vehicles or advanced robots.

Off-Road Versatility

In addition to general roads and highways, our technology is capable of working onoff-road scenarios, including those with animals, fallen trees,, making it customisable for off-road vehicles and boats.

Support for a Wide Range of Sensor Models

Atomic Engine is compatible with a wide range of sensor models from different manufacturers, including LiDAR, RGB cameras, infrared cameras, Radar and more.

Multi-Sensor Fusion Capabilities

Our technology can incorporateinformation from multiple sensors such as cameras, LiDAR and Radar, enhancing detection accuracy and reliability. It is adaptable to different combinations of sensors.

HighAccuracy Tracking Performance

Our tracking system is designed to maintain object recognition even if foreground objects are temporarily occluded. In such cases, upon re-detection, the system will recognize the occluded object as the same entity.

Perspective Camera View of Multi-Sensor Fusion Detections using Atomic Engine

List of Functions

  • Seamless Integration with our 3D Maps
  • Multi-Sensor fusion capabilities
  • Object Detection and Tracking
    • Obstacle Detection(2D/3D)
    • Traffic Signal Detection
  • Heatmap Generation
  • Output of Perceptual Information

Support System

Atomic Engine is an advanced and adaptable software designed for perception, capable of being tailored to the specific necessities of the user’s applications.

To facilitate these customization options, our company provides an engineering team dedicated to solving sensor calibration issues and a labeling team capable of rapidly creating training datasets.

We assist our customers in achieving their desired outcomes.

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