MAP IV develops and provides 3D Point Cloud Mapping Software and 3D Data Measurement System. Our proprietary algorithms enable the creation of high-precision map data in a short time, resulting in high cost performance.

Also propose optimal solutions for various fields with different conditions and provide systematic assessments of accuracy and reliability for localization technology, an important elemental technology in the fields of automated driving systems and robotics.


Our strength lies in the breadth of our technological development area and our track record in sensor evaluation.
Our object recognition software, which implements our proprietary algorithms, enables to provide highly accurate and real-time object recognition solutions.
Taking into account the characteristics of various sensors such as LiDAR, cameras, Radar, we propose optimal sensor configurations and calibration techniques for environments with different conditions.


MAP IV provides comprehensive solutions to integrate autonomous driving technology into real-world driving environments.
We aim to ensure that operations are both safe and efficient.
Our services range from supporting the integration and operation of specific autonomous driving systems to applying autonomous driving technology in the real world.